Agreeing a Contract

Before your group enters into a contract, make sure that you are legally able to do so. Your group can only sign a legal contract in its own name if your group has a legal identity of its own – that is, it is incorporated.

A contract should state clearly:

  • what work is to be done

  • the key stages and time scales

  • precise fees and schedule for payments

  • a definition of expenses

  • procedures for controlling and monitoring the work

  • criteria for evaluating the results

  • how the final report is to be presented and received

  • a basis for terminating the agreement if necessary

Good practice guidelines

  • agree the contract in writing before work commences, and make sure that you abide by the terms of the agreement

  • maintain close contact with the consultant and supervise what they are doing.

  • do not simply hand your project over to them and hope they are doing what you want them to The group member who acts as liaison with the consultant should provide regular feedback to the rest of the group

  • if you do not understand something - always ask for an explanation