Building a Website

For most people, the internet is part of everyday life – offering access to news, entertainment, knowledge, shopping and communications. The internet is a very powerful tool for engaging people, making it an ideal promotional tool for Third Sector organisations.

Improvements in website management systems have made it easier for community groups to produce websites. The flexibility you have in deciding website design, layout and size will depend on the system you use. Most free systems restrict the number of pages and templates you can develop. Systems that you pay for will give you more flexibility and functionality.

No matter what system you use, the principles to producing a good website are the same. 

A good website will:

  • enable a visitor to quickly and easily find information without undue effort

  • motivate the viewer to explore

At the heart of any good website there are four key elements:

  • structure of the website

  • design of the website

  • layout of a webpage

  • content