Charity Accrued Accounts

The format and requirements for Annual Accounts prepared by registered charities are set out in the Charity and Trustees Investment (Scotland) Act regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR). All charities are required to have their Annual Accounts externally scrutinized.

As well as the legal reqirement oc current charity legisation, registered charities in Scotland must also follow the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) accounting recommendations for the charity sector.

Which charities should prepare Accrued Accounts?

SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) compliant fully accrued accounts must be produced by registered charities in Scotland that :

  • have a gross annual income over £250,000

  • are incorporated (for example, they are a Company Ltd by Guarantee)

  • have a governing docoment (or constitution) which states a particular requirement for accrued accounts (also sometimes referred to as 'true and fair' accounts)

Charities with income over £250,000 should seek OSCR’s guidance on the preparation of accrued charity accounts.

What to include in your Charity’s Accrued Accounts

Fully accrued charity accounts will include:

  • Trustees annual report (TAR)

  • Statement of financial activity (SOFA)

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash flow statement (if required)

  • Notes to the accounts

  • Previous year’s figures for comparison

  • Appropriate external scrutiny report