Charity Trustees Annual Report

If your group is a registered charity, the filing of a Trustee’s Annual Report is a statutory requirement.

The Trustee’s Annual Report (TAR) forms part of your charity’s Annual Accounts and should include:

  • full reference and administration details of your charity – including registered name, charity number, contact address, names of serving Trustee’s etc.

  • details of the structure, governance and management of the charity (including your legal structure, type of constitution, methods by which Trustees are appointed etc.)

  • your charity’s purposes (as set out in your governing document or constitution) and main activities, projects or services which you carry out to further those purposes)

  • achievements and performance over the year with outputs (what you have done) outcomes (what those outputs have achieved) and impact (what difference this has made)

  • financial review of the year (including your reserves policy, volunteer time etc.)

  • any other relevant information

  • declaration