Creating a Group Identity

Having a clear and recognisable group identity will make it easier to promote and market your services. Your group’s identity should include a Mission Statement (based on the aims and objectives in your constitution) reinforced by your group’s branding.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a short paragraph that defines:

  • who you are

  • what you do

  • what difference do you make

When writing your mission statement keep it short. Ensure it uses the same language as your audience (no jargon) and that it conveys what you are all about.

A well defined mission statement will:

  • help to focus your group and clarifies its purpose

  • motivate your board, staff, volunteers, and members

  • help attract people and resources


A group’s brand is what identifies and differentiates it from other groups. It should convey the beliefs that your group members share, clearly identifying your aims. Having a ‘brand’ will help your group to connect with like-minded people and help to persuade others to support your cause.

Your logo, group colours, design styles and the words you use to describe yourselves, all contribute to your brand.


A logo is a visual representation of your group, it helps people to instantly recognise your group, be it used on a t-shirt or in an advertisement.


A strap line is a single sentence that is often used in conjunction with your logo. It tells  people what you do in a concise and clear way, for example the Community Toolkit strap line is ‘essential guidelines for community groups’.

Group colours

Using a set of standard colours will help people recognise your group and reinforce its brand identity. People will associate your group with those particular colours. You could choose to use the colours of your logo for example and extend these to posters, newsletters and website. 

Remember that people associate colours with emotions and messages. Reds are often associated with excitement or danger, browns can be warm and rustic, blues and greens more calming.

Images and font styles

Sticking to certain images and using particular font styles can also help to reinforce your brand. For example using bright and funky images and fonts may appeal more to young people.