Creating an Annual Report

An Annual Report is a review of your organisation’s services and financial activities over the last year. The main aim of an Annual Report is to inform people about what you do. For community groups and other Third Sector organisations, an Annual Report offers an excellent opportunity to promote your cause and generate support – especially to those people who have an interest in your group (including funders, regulatory bodies, members and users)

Why produce an Annual Report?

There are some very sound reasons for producing an Annual Report:

  • if your group is a registered charity your Trustee’s have a legal requirement to include a Trustee’s Annual Report (TAR) as part of your Annual Accounts. The TAR is a factual report with specific required content, and is not the same as producing an Annual Report as a marketing or promotional tool

  • similarly, if your group is incorporated you will be required to include a Director’s Report as part of your Annual Accounts. This is also more of a factual report with specific requirements for the content

  • if your group or organisation has been in receipt of grant funding, an Annual Report may help your group comply with grant reporting requirements

Producing an Annual Report with more of a view towards the promotional and marketing benefits, can offer your community group the chance to:

  • raise awareness about your organisation’s aims

  • outline your main activities

  • reach potential funders and donors

  • advertise your services to potential users and referring agencies

  • encourage recruitment