Data Protection & GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law on data protection provides a range of safeguards around maintaining personal data. 

Organisations and groups must handle personal information in a way that will give consideration to GDPR. Information systems should ensure appropriate privacy of sensitive information related to the charity or group and their beneficiaries. It is a legal requirement for organisations to document their processes relating to GDPR. In more recent legislation, individuals have more control over their data and its uses.

Key points

  • Organisations and groups must comply with legislation relating to personal information

  • Breaching GDPR has serious consequences

Links for more information

Data Protection
SCVO have prepared an online guide for charities and community groups.

Ready for GDPR?
This link leads to the iKnow website that includes a comprehensive range of resources for charities and how GDPR is rolled out in practical terms.