Developing and Managing a New Group - Introduction

This section covers both strategic governance and management of your group.

Governance is about setting a long-term direction, making sure that things are in place to keep that forward motion going. It includes:

  • preparing and following a business plan

  • developing and reviewing policies

  • ensuring that the organisation is sufficiently resourced to meet its objectives

  • ensuring that the organisation is well managed to meet its targets

Management is about implementing the strategy and plans of the group on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that the group is functioning effectively and efficiently. This includes financial management as well as compliance with responsibilities under legislation such as Data Protection, Equalities and Health and Safety.

All Third Sector groups or organisations – whatever the size or structure - will have a volunteer committee (or board) who will be responsible for taking care of the organisation on behalf of the general members.

In small groups, these same volunteers will carry out both goveranance and managment functions. In larger groups, the committee or board will be responsible for the long term strategic planning or governance but they will often employ staff to carry out the management functions.

Good governance, and good management, includes having an understanding of the importance of quality, recognising your strengths and weaknesses and finding solutions as well as being able to respond and adapt to change.

Having a robust plan in place (a business plan and/or a project plan.) gives a sound basis to start from. You will also need a mechanism to enable your committee to monitor the group’s progress. Are you meeting the targets you have set? Are the group’s finances being used effectively?