Grant income Introduction

Grant income for community groups can potentially come from a wide range of sources, including:

  • grant making trusts

  • Government

  • European grant programmes

  • National Lottery funding

Before your community group makes any grant application, you will need to have researched potential funders for your planned project and drawn up a list of the most suitable grant sources. Your list should not be too long – ideally it will only include those funders which are most likely to give your application due consideration.

Suitable funders will be the ones that:

  • have eligibility criteria that your group and project can meet

  • may be sympathetic to your group’s aims

  • offer award amounts suitable to the level of costs that you have identified you need

  • have deadlines you can meet and who can consider your application and give you an answer within a timescale that will enable you to proceed with your project on schedule

Before making your approach to these funders, check their required method of application. How do they want you to apply? 

Different funders will have different methods, including:

  • application form

  • online

  • letter of application

Many funders will encourage applicants to discuss proposals beforehand and will be only too happy to advise you on your approach. Some provide guides to making a successful application. Read all the guidelines and documentation provided by the funder.