Job Descriptions

A Job Description is a document summarising the details of a post.

A Job Description will typically include:

  • the job title

  • the name of the employer or agency acting as employer

  • the place of work where the postholder will be based to carry out the job

  • the name of the post to whom the post holder is directly responsible

  • the name(s) of the post(s) for whom the post holder is directly responsible (if applicable)

  • an accurate, concise statement (around 20 words) describing the role of the post within the organisation

  • the main duties of the post - use clear statements emphasising specific activities which will lead to the required end results. This is the key section of the job description. If the main duties are changed, then the fundamental nature of the job is also changed

  • circumstances of post - list the key contacts the post holder will deal with, for example, other colleagues within the organisation, external contacts, clients, etc., and any particular requirements such as travelling

  • general experience and skills, this should include both the essential and desirable criteria, as detailed in your person specification

  • general conditions of employment - to include (as appropriate) probationary period, duration of the post, working hours per week, normal office hours, annual holidays, sick leave, travel and subsistence expenses, possession of driving license, pension,  equal opportunities employer statement

  • rate of pay

  • make sure that the document is dated