Marketing and Promotion

Community groups have plenty of stories and news to tell people about. From reporting on the success of your last fundraising event, to campaigning for your cause – the highs and the lows - getting your message across is crucial.

Marketing and publicity are all about promoting your activities and services. From creating a logo, to advertising events in on-line social networks such as Facebook, marketing and promotion is all about informing people, making sure that as many as possible know what you do. This not only ensures that you are involving people, but it also encourages their support.

Good marketing and promotion does not need to be expensive, the main aim is to ‘get the word out’ about your group or project. 

Having a marketing and promotion plan will help you to:

  • raise awareness of what you do

  • build your reputation

  • publicise the good work you are doing and services you offer

  • attract new members and supporters

The following section shows you how to set up a marketing and promotion plan as well as reviewing some of the main ways to market and promote your group.