Random Acts Of Kindness

Never underestimate the positive power of a random act of kindness! This is a great video of one person's random acts of kindness for inspiration RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS FILM

Here are a few examples we liked and would encourage you to think about....

Look out for those you know are vulnerable and offer to help

We are surrounded by people who may not be as well as we are. People who are older, people living with long-term conditions, people with poor mental health. If you know people who might need some help or support, why not ask them. 

Donate something to your local food-bank

Food banks are a life line to a lot of people in communities throughout Highland.  Why not get in touch with your food bank to understand how you can help. 

The Highland Food bank, run by Blythswood is one example and their contact details are below but you can check your local food back on our community action register. 

Highland Foodbank General Enquiries:    Tel: 01463 717630 / 07875 332696     Email: foodbank.admin@blythswood.org

Get creative in your windows

Kids decorated rainbows for display in windows up and down the UK, but its not just for kids! Why not think about adding your own artistic impression of hope to your communities growing art gallery... you would be surprised how much that will make a difference to people passing and how unifying it can be. Artistic talent isn't necessary!

Catch up with friends

We have surely all either said it or thought it... 'I need to get in touch with'.  Human connectivity can be important to maintaining your mental wellbeing. Why not think about calling, texting or emailing a friend you haven't spoke to for a while.

Do you have a talent or skill you can share?

Do you have a voice that makes an Angel weep? Can you lead a class in a mediation which would rock their soul? Are you able to read a bedtime story with an OSCAR worthy performance?  

You don't need to be in close contact with people to share these amazing skills.  Why not take your talent into your garden, film it and share it with friends and family, or better yet share it with the world... here are a few things we would love to see:

  • A cooking lesson for your favourite dish

  • How to knit a scarf

  • A rendition of You canny shove your grannie aff a bus - which includes why you can shove your other granny aff a bus

  • The best domino falling pattern you are able to achieve 

  • A sketching class 

  • A wine* tasting workshop  (its possible that this could be substituted for other beverages)

  • An explanation on how to keep houseplants alive, its something we are struggling to manage....

  • How to hand build a clay pot

  • Salt dough ideas for kids (that actually work) 

  • Home science projects that impress kids and don't wreck the house

Share a photo that makes you laugh with a friend or family member 

Send a photo that makes you laugh via text or online with a friend or family member to brighten their day.  Maybe get your kids to record a message for Granny or their Uncle.

Donate your unused nappies/tinned food/games/books....

Do you have any of the items like nappies, toilet roll or vegetables?  If you have surplus items then think about donating them through social media or through a local community group.