Role of the Treasurer

The Treasurer has a specific role on the Board, they help the organisation to maintain its financial responsibilities. When authorised to do so, the Treasurer may advise the Board on financial matters, oversee the preparation of the annual accounts, and often take on the responsibility for the day to day financial duties such as book keeping and reimbursing expenses. 

‘The Honorary Treasurers Forum’ is a place for sharing best practice and finding support for volunteer Treasurers.

Key points:

  • Treasurers help with or oversee the day to day financial duties

  • It is useful to have some book keeping skills but there is support available online or from your local HTSI

Links for more information

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A range of helps to help prepare your charity’s accounts, guidance and information relating to external scrutiny.

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Case studies which will broaden understanding of financial responsibilities

Becoming an Honorary Treasurer