Salary and Wages

When your group or organisation decides it is able to recruit paid staff, you will need to set an approriate level of pay for the post(s) you are seeking to fill. It is a good idea to compare the levels of pay offered for similar posts by looking at Situations Vacant job advertisements.

It is also helpful to refer to existing job evaluation and grading systems. Many voluntary organisations use the same pay scales as Local Authorities - National Joint Council (NJC) or Scottish Joint Council (SJC) pay scales. If you are applying for funding to cover the costs of creating a specific fixed contract post of more than one year, remember to include possible pay increases (as well as potential increases to employer costs).

Minimum Wage

Most workers in the UK are entitled to receive at least a minimum level of pay.  This is called the national minimum wage (NMW).  To check the current miminum wage rates, visit the Government Website using the link at the bottom of this page.