What is safeguarding

The term safeguarding is used to define actions taken to protect vulnerable groups from harm. This harm might come from adults or other children and, as someone working closely with vulnerable groups, it’s important you understand what safeguarding is and why it’s important.

It’s also about being ready to respond safely and well if there is a problem. Everyone in the organisation has a role to play in safeguarding. It should become part of your day to day activities. Every organisation that delivers charitable activities has a duty to safeguard volunteers, staff members, participants and donors

Key points:

  • Abuse, harassment and harm can happen to anyone – people we work with, staff or volunteers. It’s not always visible and often not spoken about

  • Abuse, harm and neglect are wrong. We have a duty to do something about it.

  • When everyone understands safeguarding and their right to be safe, people who have nowhere else to turn are protected.

  • An organisation that does safeguarding well is an organisation that is trusted.

  • If you are a registered charity, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, OSCR expects every charity to make safeguarding a priority.

  • This factsheet should be read alongside the others in the Safeguarding Section

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