Let's Get On With It Together (LGOWIT)


Let’s Get on With It Together (LGOWIT) is a partnership of health related third sector organisations, Highland Council and NHS Highland which has been active for over ten years.

One in four people in Scotland have at least one long-term health condition. Living with a long-term condition often has a profound impact on wellbeing and self-esteem. Self Management can help people to become more resilient, adapt to their changing situation, regain a sense of self control, understand their condition more fully, and be better supported when they need it.

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The overall purpose of LGOWIT is to develop a Self Management support network and improve health outcomes.


We promote and support the benefits of Self Management for those living with long-term physical and mental health conditions in Highland through our:

  • eLearning Suite

  • peer support

  • wellbeing activities

  • small group training sessions

  • information sharing via Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and our website


LGOWIT members have access to a local Community Networker, a dedicated Facebook peer support group and a Members Area on our website. We concentrate on supporting people to explore what works best for them and develop the skills to self manage their condition. LGOWIT is unique in that we address symptoms and challenges that can be experienced across multiple health conditions rather than focussing on a specific condition.

Project Profile

Project Title: LGOWIT (Let’s Get On With It Together)


LGOWIT is a project managed by a partnership of public, private and third sector (voluntary) organisations and is hosted by the Highland Third Sector Interface. LGOWIT has been active for ten years, promoting and supporting the vision of self management of health for those living with long-term conditions. In broad terms, self management encourages and supports individuals to take greater responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and seek to live life to its full potential. It is about forging an equal partnership between the individual, health and other professionals and the community around them, to the mutual benefit of all


To promote and support people living with longterm health conditions to self-manage.

How you do this work:

​We engage with and supported over 1000 people with long term health conditions in Highland for over 10 years before we adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic by moving to a digital delivery model.

Since March 2020 we have:-

  • redirected our self management training focus to eLearning modules which extend the content of our Toolkit and Self Management in Challenging Times booklets

  • relaunched the Highland Self Management Forum as a quarterly online meeting which has been well received and made participation more feasible for busy professionals.

  • continued to facilitate mutual support by moving to online groups on Facebook for LGOWIT members to stay in touch with us and each other

  • offered regular online wellbeing sessions

Our community networkers have been busy offering more peer support, running online activities and keeping in regular touch with all group members

Pre Covid, we offered:

  • Living Better Groups – 23 peer support groups across Highland

  • Self Management Training Courses – Peer led Self Management courses in 5-week blocks run across Highland by our 22 volunteers

  • Highland Self Management Forums - quarterly forums bring together peopled with lived experience of long-term conditions, partner organisations, health practitioners and anyone with an interest in promoting self management in Highland

  • Self Management Toolkit and Wellbeing Plan – Co-produced with NHS Highland and written by and for people with long term conditions a simple guide to self management containing easy to understand information and tools to help you self manage.

Meet the Team


Kirsteen, Joanne, Kate, Anne, Spike, Jane, (Mary not pictured)

Project Manager
Joanne McCoy

lgowit@highlandtsi.org.uk / 07462 171 369

Course and Communication Administrator
Mary O'Hara

lgowitadmin@highlandtsi.org.uk / 01349 807061​

Community Networker
Caithness & Sutherland
Kirsteen Campbell

lgowitkirsteen@highlandtsi.org.uk / 07454 905 383

Community Networker
Skye, Lochalsh & Wester Ross
Kate Hathway

lgowitkate@highlandtsi.org.uk / 07454 950 401

Community Networker East & Mid-Ross
Anne Stewart

lgowitanne@highlandtsi.org.uk / 07521 503 144

Community Networker
Inverness, Nairn & Strathspey
Jane Tattum

lgowitjane@highlandtsi.org.uk / 07834 753 766

eLearning Development Officer
Spike Setch