Let's Get On With It Together (LGOWIT)


One in four people in Scotland have at least one long-term health condition. Living with a long-term condition often has a profound impact on wellbeing and self-esteem. Self Management can help people to become more resilient, adapt to their changing situation, regain a sense of self control, understand their condition more fully, and be better supported when they need it.


Let’s Get on With It Together (LGOWIT) is a partnership of health related third sector organisations, Highland Council and NHS Highland which has been active for over ten years. Our overall purpose is to develop a Self Management support network and improve health outcomes. We promote and support the benefits of Self Management for those living with long-term physical and mental health conditions in Highland through our eLearning Suite, peer support, wellbeing activities, small group training sessions and information sharing via Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and our website. LGOWIT members have access to a local Community Networker, a dedicated Facebook peer support group and a Members Area on our website. We concentrate on supporting people to explore what works best for them and develop the skills to self manage their condition. LGOWIT is unique in that we address symptoms and challenges that can be experienced across multiple health conditions rather than focussing on a specific condition.