Information and resources from previous HTSI events will be shared on this page, and updated shortly after events take place.

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Masterclass Mondays - Registering as a Charity | 2/11/20

Should your organisation be set up as a Charity? What are the benefits, and how is it done? This one-hour masterclass will give key pointers on how to set up a Charity, and the tools to decide if this is the right structure for your organisation.​

Download the presentation here.

Masterclass Mondays - Management Boards and Committees | 26/10/20

Good management makes for a successful organisation. This one-hour masterclass shows how to set up & develop an effective management structure for your organisation.

Download the presentation here.

Masterclass Mondays - Top Risks for Third Sector Organisations | 19/10/20

New organisations often face similar challenges. This one-hour Masterclass will give you key pointers on how to avoid common pitfalls & ensure your new organisation will thrive into the future.

Download the presentation here.

HTSI Village Hall Coronavirus Q&A | 24/9/20

On September 24th, HTSI arranged a session for managers of village halls across Highland to put their questions to an experienced panel of experts.

The session was recorded and is available here. 

Click on the timestamps in the description on the YouTube video to skip to the questions that matter most to you.

Participants were sharing informative links in the chat, a summary of the helpful resources is available here.

Crowdfunding Seminar | 23/8/19

In August 2019, we held a successful seminar: Crowdfunding – What is it and what makes it successful? 

This seminar explored the advantages and pitfalls of crowdfunding. It helped point in the direction of support for organisations who are considering the opportunities that a crowdfunding approach can offer.

Tim Wright from Twintagibles introduced the concept of crowdfunding and provided his top ten tips to avoid the pitfalls. Here is his presentation from the day.