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Reopening Community Facilities Q&A | 17/4/2021

Masterclass Mondays - Governing Documents Key Policies | 30/11/20

Governing Documents and Key Policies –  local examples of approaches taken by community organisations and what we can learn from these. 


A practical session filled with local examples taken from Third Sector Organisations from around the Highlands. Find out what governing documents and polices have worked for organisations in the area, and take away knowledge which will be of direct help to your Group or Organisation.

Download the presentation here.

Masterclass Mondays - Good Practice for Boards and Committees | 23/11/20

Good practice in governance for your management board / committee.   

This one-hour Masterclass will give third sector management boards and committees useful guidance on what good practice looks like in the sector. Knowledge of successful governance and management approaches will give participants the tools needed to steer their organisations to continued success.

You can download the presentation here.

Masterclass Mondays - Setting up a Group

 | 9/11/20

Structures and Policies - examples from the Highlands of what’s worked and why


Third sector organisations often adopt similar structures and policies. This one-hour Masterclass will showcase examples from around the Highlands of Structures and Policies which have worked for local third sector organisations.

You can download the presentation here.

Masterclass Mondays - Registering as a Company | 16/11/20

Registering as a Company - why chose this structure, how to do it and why it might suit your organisation. 


Is Registering as a Company the right way forward for your organisation? What are the benefits of adopting this structure, and how is it done? This one-hour masterclass will give participants the tools to decide if a Company structure is right for their organisation, and knowledge needed to set a Company up.

You can download the presentation here.