Volunteer Friendly Award

What is the Volunteer Friendly Award?

Volunteer Friendly Award is a Scottish, user-friendly quality standard designed to support, recognise, and reward groups who are good at involving volunteers. Volunteer Friendly believe that regardless your group/organisation size or set up you should be rewarded and recognised for the difference your volunteers make in Scotland. The award has been developed and reviewed in 2020 by Volunteer Scotland and several TSI/Volunteer Centres across Scotland. The standard and new offer, where the requirements are set at an achievable level for each volunteer programme, allow for more groups to engage with Volunteer Friendly, and be recognised for the work they do.

What is involved in gaining the award?

There are 6 steps to achieving Volunteer Friendly award. The first step is to contact your TSI/Volunteer Centre. At this point you will have an initial phone call, receive a toolkit and sign up to volunteer Friendly. Step 2 involves gaining access to the online support where you can download all the recourses and guidance. Step 3 will see you complete the self-assessment tool, review current practice, and highlight areas for improvement. At step 4 you will submit your self-assessment and provide evidence, receive feedback, and send out volunteer surveys. Step 5 is about developing practice and evidencing your development. Finally, the last step is about celebrating and achieving your award.

There are 5 strands within the Award which you will need to evidence to gain Volunteer Friendly.

  1. Involving Volunteers. Understanding why your group/organisation involves volunteers.

  2. Making Volunteering Happen. Money, management, resources and keeping volunteers safe.

  3. Volunteer Inclusion. Equal access to opportunities and fair recruitment

  4. Welcoming Volunteers. Developing Volunteer roles, induction training and support needs.

  5. Valuing Volunteers. Recognition for volunteer’s time, contribution, feedback and creating positive endings.

How much does it cost?


For constituted groups, or organisations with less than £100,000 annual income, the award will be free.

For those groups with an annual income between £100,000 and £150,000, the award will cost £49.99.

For organisations with an income per annum between £150,000 and £200,000 the cost will be £99.99

This cost includes:

  • 1:1 support to achieve the award.

  • 1:1 support to develop your volunteer programme.

  • Engagement with volunteers

  • Hold the award for 3 years.

  • 3-year membership for achievers

  • Achievement certificate and digital badge

If you have any questions, please contact jane@highlandtsi.org.uk