What is HTSI?

Third sector interfaces (TSIs) provide a single point of access for support and advice for the third sector within local areas. There is a TSI in each local authority area in Scotland.


The Highland Third Sector Interface officially launched in March 2013.  Our Mission is to ensure that the Third Sector in Highlands is strong, developing and a valued community and regional asset.

In addition to supporting our members across Highland, we also work together with six partners to deliver, among other services, four specific themes of work as agreed with the Scottish Government:


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  1. Volunteering development

  2. Social Enterprise development

  3. Supporting and developing a strong third sector

  4. Building the third sector relationship with community planning

Digital Technologies underpin the on-going communication, collaboration, and partnerships that are necessary to support our members, and work with our partners in Highland.

Digital Mission Statement

At HTSI we co-ordinate the regional work, specifically strategic involvement with the public and private sectors, while supporting the locally delivered work of our Partners. 


The delivery of the interface functions through trusted local Partners, most with an extensive history and community connection, allows services to be tailored to local need and for local diversity and adaptation, recognising the large expanse of geographical and community differences within the Highland Region.We are always interested in hearing from any organisation or individual, whether they are working within the sector or looking to grow their relationship with it.