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Vacancy Form

This is our online vacancy submission form for HTSI members. Not a member? Join here!

The form requires basic information about the role.

If you have any issues or questions please email us:

When will it appear on your website?

After submission please allow us 1-2 working days to check it over before publishing it on the site. We will only contact you if we need clarification on anything in the submission.

What if I want to make changes?

If you'd like anything edited, just send us an email.

Do you charge to advertise a vacancy?

Vacancies now cost £30 or are offered as part of new membership packages that are available to purchase, you can find more information on our Membership Page.
Once your vacancy has been submitted you will then be sent an email with information on payment.

Volunteering and Board Opportunities remain free.

Looking for the volunteering form?

Looking for the board opportunity form?

Job Information:

Fill out this form with as much information as possible. Please only upload one job at a time, if you have multiple vacancies you will need to fill out the form for each vacancy.

Upload your Logo

Job Description:

Keep job descriptions brief and no more than 2-3 paragraphs. Please include any contact details for applicants if required. The text box allows you to format your text with formatting and bullet points if needed.

Type your job description here

Supporting Information:

You can upload 1 document such as a job pack here and/or a link to your website where applicants can apply or find out more. We would encourage you to have at least one of these available. 

Select File

Deadline to Apply:

All jobs with a deadline will be removed after 2 days automatically.


Ongoing vacancies will be advertised for 6 weeks only.

How to apply for the job:

Please ensure you have some way for applicants to apply, whether it is via email or your website.

Vacancy Charge:

Please only tick this box if you are using a free vacancy as part of your membership package.

Submitter Details: 

We need your name and email address so we can send you information about payment. This information will not appear on the vacancy page.

Successful Submission
Your content has been submitted and will be checked before appearing on our site! Allow 1-2 working days for it to go live.

Submission Error
Please check you have filled in all
mandatory fields marked with *. These will be highlighted red if they have been missed.
If this doesn't work please try again later or
 email for help.

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