eLearning for the Third Sector!

We wanted to improve our members’ training opportunities. An enhanced experience that will make training easier, more suitable to our geographic setting, allowing increased flexibility, while saving members money and travel time. As part of this, we have created an online training platform exclusively for our members.

Our online training courses are designed to be fully intuitive and easy to use. Learners can navigate the system simply. You can track and report on your own or you team's progress.

Our online training allows to you to quickly see who has completed courses, set deadlines and create reports. As a manager it is easy to find out how many users need to finish a module, their score percentage and much more.

We have over 40 courses on the system ready for you to enrol in. These are grouped in to topics areas: Workplace Development, Compliance, Finance, Communications, Wellbeing, Self Management and IT Skills. The topics covered span a wide variety of subjects that are suitable your work colleagues, including your volunteers.

20% off eLearning in April/May 2021!

Back in April 2020, HTSI made the decision to offer our eLearning platform to our members for free during the first six months of lockdown, in October we extended that offer until the end of March 2021. We are happy that we were able to extend this free learning for a year.

But, from 1st April 2021 we have taken the difficult decision to begin charging again for access to our eLearning platform. We do not have the resources to continue our free offering, but we have been able to discount the training as we are subsidising the training heavily to bring the costs down as low as we can.

To assist further, HTSI are offering a 20% discount until 31 May 2021 on the purchase of a 12-month contract.

eLearning pricing.png

How can I purchase licences?

To get started, please fill in the HTSI eLearning Licence Form below, and return it to spike@highlandtsi.org.uk

Any questions? Please get in touch with spike@highlandtsi.org.uk and we'll get back to you ASAP!