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We have moved to a new membership structure on 
Monday 15 of April.


As a result of this, eLearning licences will be charged at £25 per licence or offered as part of new membership packages that will be available to purchase, you can find more information on our Membership Page.​

We have created an online training platform exclusively for our members.

Our online training courses are designed to be fully intuitive and easy to use. Learners can navigate the system simply. You can track and report on your own or you team's progress.

Our online training allows to you to quickly see who has completed courses, set deadlines and create reports. As a manager it is easy to find out how many users need to finish a module, their score percentage and much more. 

Our e-learning is provided by the Charity Learning Consortium. You can find out more about them here.

We have over 40 courses on the system ready for you

Topics areas include:

  • Workplace Development

  • Compliance

  • Finance

  • Communications

  • Wellbeing

  • Self Management

  • IT Skills

The topics covered span a wide variety of subjects that are suitable for your work colleagues, including your volunteers.

eLearning Benefits:

Online Courses

These give organisations and their volunteers the skills

they need.

Selected by HTSI

This ensures content is relevant and accessible to Third Sector organisations and their Volunteers

Easy to Follow

Course content is accessible and easy to follow.

Go at your own pace

Dip in and out of content.

How do I purchase licences?

To get started, please fill in the online form on Jotform. If you have any issues please contact

License Cost: £25 per license, unless included in a membership package.

1 Licence per user, a licence allows full access to the platform for a year.

Any issues or problems, get in touch
with us at

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