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Local Improvement

Applications are now closed for submitting an Expression of Interest.

The Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership (Highland ADP) awarded funds to Highland Third Sector Interface to distribute to third sector organisations.


In recognition of the local knowledge and close connections with people with lived experience, we are offering six grants up to £50,000 to be awarded to third sector organisations between 2023-2025.


We believe that this community-led approach can improve local participation in services, encouraging community resilience and capacity. 


We are inviting expressions of interest from organisations operating in Highland who wish to support delivery of the Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership Strategy: Rights, Respect & Recovery, which can be viewed by clicking here.

  1. Reduce the number of people developing problematic use of substances by tackling the root causes of alcohol and drug-related harm at a local level.

  2. Reduce the number of people developing alcohol and drug-related harm by developing prevention and early intervention programmes through whole family approaches and family inclusive practice.

  3. Reduce harmful behaviours by offering targeted local support to individuals, families and groups.

  4. Improve access to support and treatment for individuals affected by alcohol and drug-related harm.

  5. Reduce stigma and improve reach and engagement with people affected by drug and alcohol problems, by promoting more inclusive, supportive communities.

Type of Projects Supported

The focus of the Fund is on projects which help whole communities and/or community groups of any age.

We would welcome projects that are both Highland-wide and those that focus on a particular local area.

The underlying principle which we will be looking for is meaningful involvement of the community (thematic or geographic) you aim to support with your proposals.

You should aim to start your project on or around October 2023 and you have until March 2025 to complete the delivery and evaluation.

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